Campfire games for school kids

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If you ever went away on a camping trip with the scouts or the guides you'll know that camping is a great summer activity for teens because it gives them a chance to hang out with their friends and be independent without getting into trouble. Campfire games are a great way to pass the time when it gets dark. Camping games usually don't require light, so the games are spoken aloud and involve the whole group. Playing games around the campfire can turn a normal camping trip into a fun adventure that the teens won't forget.

Murder in the dark

Though the name of this game sounds a lot scarier than the game itself, it is a fun game that will have the group screaming -- with laughter. For this game, a stack of cards is passed around the group, making sure each player has a card. Among the cards, make sure there is only one "King." Whoever receives the "King" card is the murderer but doesn't tell anyone. The murderer must look around the group, catch someone's eye, and wink at them. The person they wink at must scream and "die" because they were murdered. However, no one else knows who the murderer is because they didn't see the wink. The idea of the game is to guess who the murderer is. If someone thinks they know who it is, they announce that they have a guess. Everyone in the group must close their eyes, and the person guessing must tap the murderer's hand. If the guess is incorrect, the game continues. If the guess is correct, the game starts over and the cards are dealt again.

Jellybaby flavours

With the large variety of jellybaby flavours on the market, "Guess the Jellybaby" is a great game to play around the campfire. The darkness makes the game even better because it is much harder to see the colour of the jellybaby. For this game, odd-flavoured jellybabies are needed. The player must guess the flavour of jellybaby. However, it's important before the game begins that specific jellybabies are given to taste, and the real flavour is written on a key so that no one can cheat. The laughs will begin when someone gets an especially weird-flavoured jellybaby, such as pencil shavings.

Scary story chain

A camping trip isn't complete without scary stories. A fun take on this for a campfire game is to involve the whole group in the storytelling. One person starts the story, and after making up a few lines, stops abruptly. The next person picks up where the story left off. The story will take many twists and turns as each camper's wild imagination takes it to a new place. The game can only end when the person who began the story decides to end it. The next story can start with the next person or with a volunteer.

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