Ideas for a Memorial Service at a Family Reunion

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Family reunions are a special time to reconnect with relatives. Reunions can be fun, but some families may want to carve out time to remember deceased loved ones through memorial services.

Traditional Memorial Service

Families can honour deceased loved ones at a reunion through a traditional memorial service. Hold it a place of worship, a hall or where you feel is the right setting. suggests "displaying photos and other items that reflect the deceased's hobbies and interest" as ways to personalise the service.

Memorial Service in a Meaningful Setting

If looking for a special place to hold a memorial service, keep in mind the personality of the deceased. If he loved the outdoors, host a service at the park or a camping site. Or gather the family and memorialise him on a boat if he loved to sail.

Honour the Deceased's Charities

Another way to honour a loved one is to contribute money or volunteer time to her favourite charities. For example, if she was passionate about the environment. hold a family beach clean-up day at the reunion in her memory. Or if she loved animals, host a fun fundraiser with the family and donate proceeds to a local shelter. Before or after these activities, hold a small service to remember her.

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