American Standard Toilet Specs

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American Standard toilets are made of vitreous china. They comply with American National Standards Institute specification A112.19.2 for hydraulic performance, water surface area, trap seal depth, ballpass diameter and dimensions. The toilets come with a flush valve and water control devices.

People who buy these toilets must provide a seat and a water supply valve.

Flush Rate

American Standard toilets come with flush rates between 1.1 and 1.6 gallons per flush. Some models use a dual flush process where the toilet flushes twice using one-half of its rated gallons per flush each time. This is an important consideration since many municipalities are now requiring toilets to use much less water than they used to.

Flush Method

The primary flush method for these toilets is gravity. Some models have a pressure assisted flush that helps to flush bowl contents more quickly and cleanly.


American Standard toilets come in several shapes. Round front is the traditional toilet shape. Elongated describes a toilet that is more oval than round, creating more seat room front to back. Compact elongated takes up less room while still offering elongated seating. Elongated toilets extend into the room 29 ½ inches, while the round front toilets extend 27 ½ inches.


The toilets can be floor mounted or wall mounted. In the floor mounted models you can also choose a floor mounted back outlet so the toilet can tie into a drain line in the wall instead of in the floor.

Flush Valve, Type, Warranty

You can choose from three flush valve qualities: good, better and best. The type refers to whether the toilet is a commercial model, one piece or two piece. One piece toilets have the toilet tank integrally mounted to the base. There is a five year or a 10 year warranty available.


This term refers to the critical dimension from the finished wall to the centre of the drain pipe the toilet connects to. A common rough-in dimension is 12 inches. You can buy American Standard toilets also with 10- or 14-inch rough-in dimensions.


You can get these toilets in six different colours. They are black, bone, fawn beige, linen, silver and white.

Additional Specifications

American Standard toilets make some models that are Americans With Disabilities Act compliant. These toilets have to meet specifications as outlined by that act. Toilets can also have their water use certified, use no plunge technology and have a trademarked finish called EverClean Surface. The EverClean Surface has a mirror-like finish that resists staining and water deposits. No plunge technology relies on a wide trap-way and a 4-inch flush valve to virtually eliminate clogs.