Kids' Pajama Party Ideas

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Dream up a wonderful adventure by hosting a pajama party for your child. Ideal for birthdays and other celebrations, pajama parties provide a simple and obvious theme. Provide simple activities, such as crafts and games, and delicious treats for partygoers. Have children arrive in their pyjamas and bring their favourite blanket and stuffed animal. Remember to be flexible and cater to the age group of the children, since younger children may prefer to stay for the fun without staying overnight.


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Make memories last by providing the children with projects that they can take home and use when the party ends. Every child at the party can be furnished with a simple pillowcase and teddy bear for relatively little cost.

Decorate the pillowcases with paint, permanent markers, stickers, glitter, buttons and other decorations. Let each child use his imagination to decorate his unique, one-of-a-kind pillowcase. Be sure to write each child's name somewhere on the pillowcase. During the decoration, place a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to prevent colours from bleeding through to the other side.

Create your own bear-building workshop at home. Dress simple teddy bears in baby clothes purchased from a thrift store. Baby shoes can also be used. Create your own headbands and other accessories using ribbon, buttons and other craft supplies.


Many party games can be altered to fit a bedtime theme. Instead of "Hot Potato," try "Pass the Pillow." Sleeping bags and pillowcases can add special challenges to races. Musical sleeping bags and pillow fights can also be enjoyable pastimes for children. Older children could enjoy dream charades, during which someone lies down and pretends to be dreaming, and other players must guess what she is dreaming about.


Offer a dessert bar before bed for a simple, scrumptious nighttime treat. Banana splits and cookies are easy desserts that require little preparation and can be decorated by the children according to their tastes.

Offering more toppings may make merrier kids, but can also increase the mess. Prevent unnecessary spills by sorting toppings into small containers and distributing a limited amount to each child. Cover the table or counter surface with a cheap tablecloth that can be gathered up and shaken out outside to help control the crumbs.

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