Funny Games for 30th Birthday

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A 30th birthday party is one of the milestone parties that is celebrated around the world. Just because the birthday person has fully reached his or her adult years does not mean that the fun and games must stop. These funny birthday games are a great way to make any 30th birthday party more interesting.


This game is fun at a 30th birthday party especially if the party is mixed ages. Twister is the game where coloured circles are drawn onto a mat. A spinner is spun to determine the colour that must be touched next and the body part that must touch it. This game is a lot more fun at age 30 then it is at a younger age because it is much harder to bend when you are older. This game should not be attempted by anyone with back or health problems.

Reverse Limbo

Reverse Limbo is another active, funny party game. An empty cereal box is placed onto the floor. Players take turns one at a time picking the box up from the ground with their teeth. If a player touches the ground with anything other than feet he is out of the round. At the end of each round the box is cut one inch shorter. Play continues until no one can pick up the box any more.

"No" Game

This game is a fun party game to play as guests are arriving. The goal of this game is to get other people to say the word "no." Players are each given a pin, clothespin, necklace or other item in the theme of the party. When someone catches another player saying the word "no" then he or she gets to steal their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the game wins. A variation of this game also includes the word "know" as a taboo word.

Hand to Hand

This game is funny because it requires guests to come out of their comfort zones and can be highly embarrassing. Two equal circles of players are lined up facing each other. Someone starts some music. While the music is played, players rotate around each other, staying in their circles. When the music stops the person in charge of stopping and starting the music calls out a position. The positions can include: hand to hand, foot to foot, elbow to elbow, hip to hip, cheek to cheek or any other combination that he or she can think of. Players must immediately get into this position or else they are eliminated from the game. This game works best if positions get progressively harder.

Sign My Arm

This game is a funny way to get guests unfamiliar with one another to interact. Every guest is given a paper bag and instructed to hold it in their writing hand. Players are not allowed to let go of their bags the entire game. A timer is set for about two to five minutes, depending on how many guests are at the party. Guests must go around the room collecting as many signatures as possible onto their bags. However, since they are not allowed to let go of their own bags the game gets quite interesting and funny.