Creative Activities for the Elderly

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As people enter their Golden Years, finding activities that are easy and fun to do can become a challenge. The elderly, just like everyone else, enjoy activities that keep their bodies and minds alert and active. There are many different kinds of activities that are fun and safe for older people to participate in.

Travelling the World

Physically healthy and mobile elderly individuals may enjoy travelling to different states or countries. This is a time in life when fewer family and work obligations exist and more free time is available to get away and do the travelling that may not have been possible before. There are groups that organise trips, cruises and other tours for older people that provide package deals, including food, transportation and accommodations.


For the elderly individual who enjoys the outdoors, gardening can be therapeutic in maintaining the mind, body and emotional state. Since the elderly often experience decreases in vision, hearing and physical abilities, adaptations might be necessary to make gardening successful. The garden bed may need to be raised to prevent falls from bending or kneeling and smaller tools may be necessary to aid in planting and weeding. It is also important to keep well hydrated and not become overheated while working in the garden.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts can keep seniors from becoming bored as they create projects such as paintings, needlework or woodwork. These projects can keep the elderly person's mind busy and help prevent psychological depression and other emotional disorders that can emerge during this time in life. Craft projects help the elderly with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities and concentration. By creating handmade crafts, elderly often raise self esteem as they make gifts for family and friends and take pride in the work they have created.