Savory Party Food for Kids

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Savoury foods are a terrific addition to any kids party as many of them come in the finger-sized variety, which, by not requiring kids to use cutlery, can cut down on messes and clean-up time. Savoury foods often, though not always, tend to be healthier as they don't have any added sugar. Most dishes are easy to make.

Mini Meat

Small portions of meat that kids can pick up and eat with their hands provide snacks that are high in protein and lower in carbohydrates. Chicken nuggets are popular with kids and some brands come in fun shapes like triangles or in the shape of cars or aeroplanes. Provide each kid with a small dish that to use for dipping sauce. By not having a communal bowl of dipping sauce, you prevent germs from spreading when kids inevitably double-dip their nuggets. Another mini-meat idea is mini hot-dogs. Provide kids with toothpicks so that they can spear their own hot dog or buy mini-buns so that the hot dogs look traditional. This snack is also perfect for picky eaters who just like to have a few bites of everything.

Fun with Cheese

Most kids enjoy cheese, a tasty, low-carbohydrate snack that makes a fun addition to a party. For example, you can make standard grilled cheese sandwiches and use cookie cutters to cut them into fun shapes. Alternatively, cut them into small squares and slide them onto skewers or push a toothpick through the middle of each. Similarly, pizza is popular with kids; just make sure each slice is thin enough that a child could easily eat it with one hand. Alternatively, you can make mini-pizzas out of small bagels or English muffins and provide a variety of toppings.


Eggs are high in protein and low in cost, making them a great addition to have at a party for kids, particularly if there will be a big group. Devilled eggs are easy to make, and most kids will be able to eat them in just a few bites. Make sure you don't leave the eggs sitting out for too long as the mayonnaise could spoil, particularly in a warm room or on a hot day. Slices of quiche or mini ones will provide kids with a protein-rich, satisfying snack, and you can add toppings to the quiche so that it resembles pizza. For example, add sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli or onions, which will give kids a small serving of vegetables during the party.

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