Activities for blind elderly people

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With the right adaptive equipment and the right activity, seniors with limited eyesight can be just as active as seniors with 20/20 vision. Though they might need time for adjustment and learning, there is no reason a visually impaired elderly person cannot enjoy different hobbies and games.

Outside Activities

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Blind elderly people can participate in many outside activities. If they are physically able and have the appropriate adaptive equipment, such as a guide dog or walking cane, they can go for walks. If someone needs your help, you can guide them by allowing them to hold your arm as you walk, or assist them in a wheelchair. If someone enjoys water activities, take them to the beach or local pool. They also could go fishing or go for boat rides. Bike rides are possible, too. Take them on a tandem bike and let them pedal while you steer.

Group Games

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Having the right equipment or assistance is key to making group games fun for anyone visually impaired. Bowling with bumpers is fun for everyone, as is billiards with beeping balls. You can buy Braille or large-print playing cards, adaptive board games such as draughts and chess, raised-dot dice and bingo cards with pegholes.

Individual Activities

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If someone enjoyed watching games on television before they lost their vision, ask if they would like to listen to a game on the radio. If they enjoyed reading, get them Braille books or books on tape. People who knit or enjoy other crafts can continue them. And if someone enjoys playing games on the computer, they can use a speech synthesizer, screen reader or other adaptive device that allows them to hear the details rather than see them.

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