Ideas for Decorating and Lighting a Hall for a Party

Blue and yellow table before wedding in restaurant image by Alfonso d"Agostino from

Decorating a party hall can seem like an intimidating project, especially if the space is very large or does not have a lot of existing decorations. However, themes and large decorating elements can help flesh out a space and make it look fun and beautiful.

You don't necessarily need a lot of elements to change a space; all you need is some planning and creativity.

Nature Theme

This theme works well for very large, undecorated spaces because nature already has a lot of big, beautiful elements that can transform a space quickly. Hang light blue paper or soft fabric on the walls and drape it from the ceiling to represent the sky. You can further this illusion by painting white fluffy clouds and small bird silhouettes onto the material. Frame the doors with real or faux trees in large terra-cotta pots. The trees should stretch as far up the sides of the doors as possible. To create arches, weave dried grapevines into the upper branches of each tree so that they stretch toward each other. Weave silk flowers into the grapevines. Use green tablecloths and wooden chairs. Use water elements for centrepieces and set up conversation areas like little groves of trees with wooden bench seating. Hang huge, round, golden Chinese lanterns from the ceiling like multiple suns and string twinkle lights through the plants and trees. Place floating candles in the water elements.

Versatile Lighting

If you have a limited budget, this decorating scheme may be the way to go. Decorate the walls, entryway and any other spaces with pure white sheets or curtains. Weave them together, drape them in swags and arrange them creatively so that they create interesting visual patterns. Use white ribbons and cords to tie them back and hold them.

Use lighting to create a theme. Rock 'n' roll themes could include music videos projected onto the entry curtains and fun, bright shapes dancing lightly on the rest. A slideshow of friends and family could play on the curtains of a birthday or family reunion. Videos of crashing waves, undersea life and jungle creatures are also original options. Use soft, incandescent lights on the tables so the guests can see one another.

Night Event

Create a romantic or ethereal atmosphere by choosing a nighttime outdoor theme. Hang beautiful, dark blue fabric or paper on the walls; matt is best so the lights don't reflect on it. Hang twinkle lights vertically along the walls from ceiling to floor or from ceiling to door frame around the entryways. Between entryways, use different water features with lights in them. Alternate using still waterproof lights in the water and projected lights on the water that change colour subtly. Hang tiny, single light bulbs from the ceiling. Use lighted centrepieces, too. You can place a waterproof light in a clear vase with fresh flowers or stick LED flowers in among silk flowers.

Use benches with pretty cushions on them for conversation areas and wrap the edges in twinkle lights. You can even get glasses that have lights in them or glasses that glow like glow sticks. Hang mirrors among the ceiling lights to help imitate a night sky.