Fabric draped ceiling ideas

Draping fabric from the ceiling is a popular decorator touch for weddings and other types of receptions and ceremonies. However, you can drape fabric from the ceiling in your home to create your own decorator touches. It also can be used in dance studios to add accents to the room.

Let your imagination create all sorts of atmospheres with draped fabric.

Create a Canopy

Create a canopy over your bed without canopy posts. You can drape the fabric over the bed, attaching it to the ceiling at four points to create a traditional square canopy. The fabric can be attached so that it creates a gentle billow downward. Or attach it so that the square portion is relatively flat against the ceiling, but have an edge hanging down like a canopy ruffle around the square. Likewise, additional fabric can hang from the corners, draping all the way to the floor like fabric posts. For a different shaped canopy, drape the fabric from a large ring and let the fabric hang downward, spreading outward around the head of the bed.

Create a Border

Just as crown moulding can surround a room's ceiling, you can drape fabric around the edge of a room, letting it fall in sweeping scallops. Think of it as a wall and ceiling treatment or festive year-round garland. The fabric can accent your curtains or furniture. It can be used to add colour to a room. For a more festive look, consider adding swags that are fringed. And for holidays, add twinkle lights to the fabric scallops. For something more bridal, make your scallops of twinkle lights and tulle.

Use to Hide Track Lighting

If you have track lighting in your living room, or if you have a dance or exercise studio using track lighting, you can hang rows of short curtains (about 9 inches long) from the ceiling in front of the cam lights. This will create a lovelier ceiling while still allowing the ceiling lights to illuminate the floor. The curtains add a ruffle to your ceiling.