Seat Belt Laws in Germany

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According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts are worn by 95 per cent of Germans, and Americans wear seat belts only 68 per cent of the time. This is partly a cultural difference, but it also is because of the laws that have been created to make people wear their seat belts.

Front and Rear Seat Belts

People sitting in the front and back seats of cars are required to wear seat belts in Germany, and all German cars are required to have proper seat belts for all passengers. There is a 30-euro, on-the-spot fine for each person in the car who is not wearing a seat belt if a car is pulled over in Germany.

Children Under 12

According the to seat-belt laws listed in, children under 12 years of age or under 1.5 meters in height must wear seat belts in Germany and, depending on the size of the child, must be in the proper restraints. These restraints are child seats that are belted at the bottom and sometimes have a strap across the top. These child seats must face forward in the car and should never be placed in the front seat if the child is very young, as an airbag going off in the event of a collision can seriously injure or kill young children.


There are a few exceptions to the seat-belt laws in Germany. If the car is an older model that doesn't have seat belts in the back seat, an exception will be made for passengers riding there. However, this exception will not be made for children in car seats in a back seat. It is not expensive to have simple seat belts installed in the back of an automobile in Germany.