Birthday Gifts for a 32 Year Old Women

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Buying a birthday present is a way to show just how well you know a person and just how much you care. However, sometimes it is hard to pick out the perfect gift, even for someone you have known for years. Once some women pass the age of 30, another birthday becomes a bitter pill to swallow.

So the question is, what do you get for the 32-year-old woman in your life on her special day?

Dinner and a Movie Coupons

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. Dinner and a movie is the classic date night activity. Make her a book of coupons to have one date night any time she wants, even if there is a football game on. She will be thrilled to have an entire night be all about her whenever she wants. Take her to see that new romantic comedy she has been looking forward to and make plans to follow the movie up with a trip to her favourite restaurant. For a more personal touch, cook dinner yourself and rent a DVD for an intimate night in.


The day-to-day hassle gets to be a little much, but getting out of the city and into some fresh air helps the birthday woman feel like a birthday girl again. Clear your schedule and spend the whole day surrounded by nature. Take her to a park in the hills or to a picnic area in the countryside. For the more adventurous types, take a hike and have your picnic atop a mountain.


Even if the birthday girl has been out of school for years, she would probably like to get out of the house a few nights a week and meet new people. Offer to help her pick out a class at the local community centre or college and pay for it yourself. Consider enrolling her yourself in something she has an interest in, or even something she never thought about. Get her into a film appreciation class or a scriptwriting workshop if she is a movie buff. Does she like a glass of wine with her dinner? Try enrolling her in a wine tasting class.

Handmade Gift

If you an artist, a poet, a painter or a carpenter, make something for her yourself. Homemade gifts show that you care and let you show off your creativity. No matter what you make, she will appreciate the time and love put into your gift.