The Best Airbrush Kits for Cake Decorating

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Using an airbrush kit on decorated cakes can allow you to make more extravagant and artistic cakes. Airbrush kits come in all sizes, with different attachments and features. Deciding which airbrush system to use can be overwhelming, so check ratings and reviews to see which one will best fit your needs.

Air Master Plus

By Kopykake, the Air Master is one of the highest-rated airbrush systems. It is compact in size and is often used in commercial cake decorating. On the higher end, it usually costs around £130, but it is a great investment. You can choose from three different models, depending on your preference.

TC-20T Air Compressor System

This set, by Master Airbrush, includes two airbrushes, 24 colours and two hoses. This is a good airbrush set if you want to use many colours and will be using it frequently. The entire set costs around £162.

Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set

Also by Master Airbrush, this set comes with a mini air compressor and four colours from Americolor. The set is usually sold for around £48 and is a good choice for beginners or those seeking ease of use. The set weighs only 2.72 Kilogram and can be used for all types of crafts.

Salon Airbrush Compressor Kit

This airbrush set, also from Master Airbrush, is known for its small size and comes with 12 large bottles of food colouring. It is a precision dual-action gravity-feed airbrush system for multiple uses and costs around £78.

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