Stained glass craft paper ideas

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Stained glass is comprised of colourful glass pieces secured together with thin lines of metal. The beautiful decorations require extreme skill and years of practice to create by hand. Stained glass-themed paper crafts are easy projects for any skill level. You can create simple pictures copying stained glass patterns or create fancy pictures that actually look like mini stained glass windows.

Easy Paper Stained Glass

All you need for an easy, one-step, stained glass craft is black paper and bright crayons. Draw freehand patterns with an assortment of crayons for a stained glass picture with a modern style. Carefully sketch a detailed outline with a pencil before using the crayons to create a picture with fancy style. Hang the picture on a wall to create the illusion of a stained glass window.

Easy Oil Stained Glass

Combine crayon drawings and vegetable oil for an easy, stained glass-themed paper craft that even a preschooler can accomplish. Use a large piece of white construction paper to draw a colourful picture with crayons. Use a cotton ball and vegetable oil to cover the paper with enough oil to soak through completely, making the paper translucent. Once the oil soaks in, wipe the excess away with a paper towel. Allow paper to dry for at least 48 hours before hanging in a window.

Melted-Wax Stained Glass

One of the most popular stained glass paper crafts is melted-wax stained glass. Lay out a piece of waxed paper and cover the middle with a thin layer of assorted crayon shavings. Place a second piece of waxed paper over the shavings. An adult, or adult supervision, is needed to iron the pieces of paper and melt the wax. Once the melted wax dries, you have a sheet of colourful "stained glass."

Melted-wax stained glass is useful for an assortment of crafts. You can use black construction paper to frame the single sheet and hang the decoration in your window. You can cut a shape out of the sheet, such as a star, and use black paper for a frame. You can also cut a shape out of the sheet and dangle it from string to create a stained glass sun catcher.

Tissue-Paper Stained Glass

Tissue paper is a versatile craft material, especially when it comes to stained glass projects. For a super-easy craft, smear a little petroleum jelly on a window and smooth assorted pieces of tissue paper over the jelly. Wipe the decoration off with a warm rag when you're ready for a change.

Another easy stained glass craft with tissue paper is a single-colour decoration. Cut two diamond outlines, with 1 inch thick lines, from black construction paper. Cut a matching diamond shape from yellow tissue paper. Glue the tissue paper sandwiched between the black frames and hang the ornament in front of a window.

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