Problems With Graphics Tablets

A graphics tablet is also known as a digitizer, digitising tablet, drawing or graphics pad. It is an electronic input device that allows drawing or writing by freehand, stylus or mouse. Typically, an image is traced from a paper drawing taped to the digitising surface.

The traced image appears on the computer screen and is saved in an electronic file. The image can be manipulated or edited in a suitable software program.

Stylus Sensitivity

One of the main graphics tablets problems is the sensitivity of the drawing device. It is sometimes hard to control and jumps with little hand movement. A digitising tablet is more sensitive than a mouse in most cases. This problem can be remedied by adjusting the default setting of the stylus. Find the control panel and digitising device. An option will be "calibrate" or "stylus." There will be a slide that will alter the sensitivity of the device. It might take a try or two before a comfortable setting is found.

The One Fix-All

A lot of the graphics tablets problems can be fixed by reloading the drivers. Graphics tablets seem to be unstable, and the drivers tend to be the recipient of the instability. Reloading the digitizer drivers resets the parameters for the device and graphics tablets problems are corrected. Once in a while check for updated drivers which will include refined data that will allow the digitising tablet to operate at peak efficiency.


An annoying problem to have but an easy problem to fix is distortion with the digitised item. If a drawing is being digitised and the appropriate scale is necessary, it is recommended to scale the paper the drawing is on first, and then digitise it. That is accomplished by establishing two points on the paper drawing, horizontal or vertical on the paper. Make the distance between the two points a measured distance such as six inches. Label one point 0,0 and the other 0,6 or whatever the distance is. At the beginning of the digitising session, it will be necessary to calibrate the work area. Most digitizers have a "calibration" button. Click that and follow the directions. Calibrating will include electronically touching each point with the pointing device and inputting the coordinates of 0,0 or 0,6. If the tablet does not have a calibration tool, the tablet is set to 1 to 1 scaling automatically.


Almost any electronic product or software will come with troubleshooting tips in the event of a problem. Before declaring graphics tablets useless if it does not work properly, work through the troubleshooting elements that best describe the problem being encountered. There is a very good chance a fix is at hand without dialling up technical support. Follow the directions and if the recommended fix does not work, technical support may have to be called in. Remember, if all else fails, reload the drivers.