Summer Activity Ideas for Nursery

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Toddlers have boundless energy and curiosity. Custodians of these precious children in daytime nursery care have the responsibility of tapping into these natural tendencies. Summertime permits use of the outdoors for activities.

Teachers have numerous summer lesson options that allow them to take advantage of the season.

Paper Plate frisbees

Creating frisbees out of paper plates encourages artistic creativity. It also fosters physical movement, as the children enjoy playing with their creations.

Give the children paper plates. They may create patterns or pictures of their choice on the plates using crayons or paints. Once the plates have dried, the group can take them outside and play games. For instance, line the children up alongside one another so they can enjoy a contest to see who can throw their frisbee the farthest. Hang the colourful frisbees around the classroom to make colourful decorations for the summer season.

Nature Collages

Summer provides beautiful ingredients for collages. Take the children outside and instruct them to find pretty, summer items such as flower petals or leaves. The kids can then glue these items to a piece of construction paper and make a nature collage. Watch that they avoid touching undesirable items, such as poison ivy.

Class Garden

Creating a class garden makes a project that lasts for the entire season. The children write their names on paper cups. They then fill their cups with potting soil. Each child may choose from a selection of seeds to plant. This provides an opportunity for a discussion on why they made the selection they did. On designated days each week, children water and check on the growth of their own plants. When the plants begin to outgrow the cups they get to take them home, where parents can help plant them in a larger pot or in the yard.

Summer Mobile

Creating mobiles with a summer theme utilises artistic skills and creativity. This project works well as a summertime project for rainy days, as it does not require the group to go outdoors.

Have each child bring a coat hanger to school for the project. The children then draw pictures on construction paper of summertime objects, such as flowers, butterflies and birds. Using safety scissors, they cut the drawings out. The instructor uses a hole-punch to make a hole at the top of the picture. Kids use string or ribbon to tie the pictures to the coat hangers, creating mobiles. This activity helps children practice tying knots as well.