Traditional 60th Birthday Gifts

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As friends and loved ones grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with new and exciting birthday presents. After 60 years, a person has already collected numerous trinkets and items. The key to gift-giving is to view someone turning 60 as a time to reflect upon the past but also look forward to the future--when retirement is looming and greater time can be spent with family and friends.

Family Photos

Most people who are turning 60 have sons or daughters with families of their own. As family members move away for job opportunities or other reasons, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring the whole family together. A photo of the entire family together or a collage of photos of the family--especially grandchildren--is always a great gift. Crafty gift-givers can put together a creative scrapbook full of pictures that hold wonderful memories.

Humorous Items

Often, the 60th birthday is seen as a good time to poke a little harmless, lighthearted fun at the birthday boy or girl. Gag gifts that carry the phrase "Over the Hill" or other playful terms referring to one's age are popular presents at 60th birthday parties. Looks for such items as T-shirts to pins, coffee mugs, hats and more. Make sure, though, the recipient has a sense of humour and isn't sensitive about turning the big 6-0.


The 60th birthday is a time when many people begin to seriously think about and prepare for retirement. For this reason, it is a great idea to give a practical gift that has to do with a particular hobby or sport. This can include golf clubs, luggage (for those who intend on travelling more), painting or knitting supplies, exercise clothes and more.


Music, movies, books and other items that feature singers, television shows, films or stars of the recipient's generation are popular gifts because they remind the person of happier times. Make a gift basket full of nostalgic items, containing popular candies, toys and games from their era.


For those older folks who enjoy a fine glass of wine, a basket containing crackers, cheese and a good bottle of wine is a great gift to help them celebrate the special day.


Because more free time is hopefully in the future, consider giving a day trip to a spa or relaxing tourist destination. You can even get a bunch of family members and friends to pitch in to give a bigger trip or a cruise. If a favourite play or singer is coming into town, tickets to these events are also great gifts.

Gift Tokens

Gift tokens to book, department or wine stores, or a favourite restaurant work well because they allow the recipient to choose the gift.

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