Foods That Hamsters Should Not Eat

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Hamsters love to eat all the time, according to Give your hamsters fresh food such as hamster pellets, grains, seeds, fish liver oil and eggs. However, there are many foods that hamsters should not eat, such as chips, sugary cereals or other junk foods that are commonly eaten by people.


Hamsters are omnivores, which means they will eat anything. The practice of giving them meat is debatable, according to the Hamsterrific website, which says meat may encourage cannibalism. Meat is high in protein, but can be difficult for hamsters to digest. Hamsters who live in the wild do snack on insects and other protein-rich foods, but they do not eat chicken, beef or other types of poultry. Some breeders do give their hamsters meat. The Hammy World website says there is no need for meat in a hamster's diet; if you must give your hamster meat, be sure it is unspiced plain meat and only in a small amount.


Avoid giving your hamster chocolate because it is poisonous to them, according to Chocolate is deadly for many animals because of a chemical called theobromine.

Theobromine is believed to be toxic to animals because their bodies are unable to digest it, even in small doses. This ingredient can cause hamsters to become hyperactive or induce seizures.


Hamsters should not eat candy, according to Anything that is too sweet or sticky can be harmful. Hamsters like to store food in their cheeks, so giving them sticky food can cause problems from sticking, injuring the membranes in the cheeks.

Candy could upset a hamster's delicate digestive system. Hamsters will eat anything you give them, so you do need to be mindful when it comes to feeding your little friend.