Issues that deaf people face

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Deaf people face some challenges that the hearing world does not and may find difficult to understand. The day to day tasks that hearing people take for granted can be more difficult for a deaf person.

The deaf community and culture is one of the tools that can help deal with these obstacles and provide support from others who can understand best.


Driving gives everyone a sense of independence, but it may be even stronger for the deaf community. Deaf drivers must focus all of their attention when driving an automobile because they are not able to hear sirens and traffic noises. This means that the driver must rely on the sense of sight to warn them of dangers while on the road.

Feeling Alone

Even if the deaf person has a supportive family and friends, it is likely that they are the only deaf person in the family or group of friends. This can lead some deaf persons to feel alone in the world. Community programs for deaf people can help to overcome the loneliness.

Common Daily Activities

Waking up in the morning can be the first daily activity that presents a problem. Many deaf people can use their internal clock to wake up in the morning if they spend some time learning techniques for waking up. Smoke detectors, timers on the oven and even the telephone present problems for deaf people every day. Technology is helping alleviate some of these difficulties. Alarm clocks can now turn on lights or vibrate to help the deaf person wake up. Telephones are also available to allow the deaf person to communicate on the phone.

Specially trained hearing dogs can help around the house and provide companionship for a deaf person.


Traditional school environments are difficult for a deaf person to navigate without the aid of interpreters. Special schools for the deaf help young people learn how to communicate with others and the skills necessary to get through the world as a deaf person. The use of interpreters in college helps many deaf people earn degrees and advance in the workplace.


Finding a good job as a deaf person can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about the deaf community and some employers may not hire a deaf person. Job search and employment services for deaf people can help to alleviate some of these concerns.