Craft Boats for Kids

toy sailboat image by Kimberly Reinick from

Craft boat projects teach your children about science in a hands-on, practical manner. Tiny boats created from common household items show children how different shapes and materials respond to water. Create boats from different materials so that your kids can observe which boat floats the best.

To add even more fun, test your boats in several different bodies of water such as ponds, streams and bathtubs.

Wine Cork Boat

Put your old wine corks to use by building a wine cork sailboat. The benefit to this boat is that the base of the boat will remain waterproof. To build, you will need a cork and a small, but firm piece of card stock or construction paper. First, cut the cork in half lengthwise. Next, take one of the halves and cut a slit down the centre lengthwise using a sharp blade. Measure the length of the cork with a ruler. Cut the paper into a square whose sides match the length of the cork. Next, cut the square into two triangles. These two triangles will serve as sails for the boat. Insert the sail into the cork and you have a tiny floating sailboat.

Cool Whip Sail Boat

Another household item that can be transformed into a craft boat is an old Cool Whip container lid. Cut a piece of sturdy, colourful fabric into the shape of triangle. Using a hole puncher, punch three holes along one edge of the triangle. Next, weave a plastic drinking straw through the holes in the fabric to create the mast. You have several options when it comes to attaching the sail to the base of the boat. A small wad of moulding clay works well for temporary use or if you are working with small children. However, hot glue works best. Attach the straw using moulding clay or hot glue to the lid and your boat will float.

Egg Carton Sailboat

With the lid of an egg carton, you can make a large sailboat that floats easily indoors and out. Simply cut or tear the lid off the egg carton and decorate the inside of the lid with stickers, acrylic paint or markers to give it a personal touch. Next, take a sheet of coloured paper and cut it into a large triangle. Fold the top corner of the triangle to one of the other corners. Hold the corners together as you use the sharp end of a bamboo skewer to pierce a hole through the triangle corners. Use strong tape to tape the skewer to one end of the carton.