Yellow spring flowering shrubs

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In the cold northern climates of America, spring and its colourful bloom is anticipated with impatience. One of the most cheerful and sunny colours for spring shrub bloom is yellow. Spring flowering yellow shrubs are available in tall and short sizes and with evergreen or deciduous leaves. This variety of selection means there is a perfect one for each large landscape or tiny yard.

Tall Deciduous Yellow Spring Flowering Shrubs

In a large yard there is room for a tall, deciduous shrub. Forsythia branches are among the first to explode with brilliant yellow spring flowers. Blooming in March in the northern parts of America, this many-branched shrub grows to 7 feet and loves sun or part shade. Witch Hazel (Hammamelis mollis) is another deciduous upright grower to 8 feet providing not only early bright yellow blooms but also yellow foliage in the autumn. Branches of both of these shrubs can be cut in late winter and put in a vase in the home for indoor blooming.

Tall Evergreen Yellow Spring Flowering Shrubs

The genus Camelia offers "Brushfield's Yellow," which grows best in some shade. It blooms in March with primrose yellow flowers against the backdrop of its shining, forest green leaves. "Crest" is an evergreen rhododendron choice with a height of 6 feet. It blooms in late April with full domes of medium yellow colour on upright branches. "Desert Gold," another rhododendron, reaches to 5 feet and blooms in early May with golden yellow flowers.

Short Evergreen Yellow Spring Flowering Shrubs

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Two short evergreen rhododendrons are "Desert Sunrise" and "Nancy Evans." Desert Sunrise blooms in late April with orange-yellow flowers and grows to 2 feet. Nancy Evans flowers in early May on a 3-foot rounded, compact shape covered in medium yellow blossoms.

Short Deciduous Yellow Flowering Spring Shrubs

"'Buttons and Bows" is a short deciduous azalea with beautiful, globe-shaped, fragrant blooms in yellow. It blooms in May and also provides fiery fall foliage. "Apricot Surprise" is another compact azalea with bright yellow-apricot blooms in spring. Hypericum calycinum, commonly known as St. John's wort, is a semi-deciduous spreading shrub that grows to 1 foot high. It displays bright yellow flowers in late May and early June and is commonly used as a groundcover.

Even Lilac Can Mean Yellow

Even a lilac shrub, despite its name, is available in single light yellow blooms. Variety "Primrose" blooms in May with fragrant clusters held on a branching shrub with deep green leaves. Lilacs prefer an alkaline soil.

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