Parachute Games for Sunday School

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Adding fun games to Sunday school can help fill time as well as enhance learning. Children like to be active, and unique parachute games for Sunday school may help a child remember elements of your lesson long after your words have ended. Parachute games are also great because most of them are not competitive.

This can be especially important with many younger children, who might not yet have learnt how to exhibit good sportsmanship in games.


One fun game that can be played with even the youngest children is called church steeple, or sometimes cathedral. Each person grabs a section of the parachute and lifts it over their heads on the count of three. Everyone then forms a tight circle and brings the parachute down behind their backs and holds it there or sits on it. Next, have everyone look up. The top of the parachute should form a sharp point and the multiple colours should resemble stained glass. This game works best outside on a sunny day.

Calming The Storm

Teaching a bible lesson about when Jesus calmed the storm and called Peter out to join him? A parachute or blue sheet can be used to illustrate this lesson nicely. Have the children sit cross legged in a circle and hold the parachute in front of them. Next, have the children jiggle the sides of the parachute up and down as fast as they can, creating waves. Tell the children to imagine that the parachute is the sea. When you call to stop they should all stop shaking the parachute and grow very still. This will illustrate how the sea calmed when Jesus commanded it.

Get to Know You

For older kids, parachutes can teach cooperation and team building. One good way to get to know others in the group is through this game. First, decide on a theme, such as birthdays, favourite colour or favourite food. The group should stand in a circle and lift the parachute high above their heads. The leader then calls out a random word. For example, if the focus is birthdays, the leader might shout "August!" Anyone with a birthday in August should run across the parachute and trade places with someone else. The goal is to find a new spot before the parachute falls back to the ground. This also helps others in the group learn when that person's birthday is.