The Best Nose Hair Trimmers for Women

long hair lady image by Kathy Burns from

Nose hair is a necessary, protective feature of the human body. It protects against dust and other foreign particles that may enter and contaminate the body. Unsightly, coarse, dark or long nose hairs are not attractive on anyone, but can be especially damaging to a woman's image and self confidence.

Over time, many women notice increased nose hair growth as their oestrogen hormone levels begin to deplete with age. Today's slick, chic and inexpensive nose hair trimmers allow women to remove the unwanted hair in a safe, discreet and painless manner.

ESCA Lady's Nose Hair Trimmer

The slim design of this pen lookalike is discreet enough for travel and carrying everyday in your purse for on-the-go touch ups. It's sole purpose is to remove your nose hair safely and effectively. With a rotating guarded blade system, the blades will never come in contact with the nose's delicate inner skin, so it's safe for just about any woman. It is battery-operated and comes with a tiny cleaning brush for removing hair from the blades. The ESCA Lady's Nose Hair Trimmer is the cheapest and sleekest of these tools currently on the market.

New Lady Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer

Made especially for women, the Lady Groom Mate nose hair trimmer also has a sleek design, but operates without batteries. It has an easy grip handle that you rotate back and forth for gentle trimming and a cutting head with wide slots that allows for safely cutting hairs close to the skin. At only 3 inches in length in an attractive bright purple, the tool could pass for a lipstick or lip gloss. It also has rustproof blades and comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes it a great deal at just under £6.

The Sharper Image Deluxe Nose and Ear Trimmer With Vacuum

If you're not as concerned with the travel efficiency of the your trimmer or its discreetness, the Sharper Image Deluxe Nose and Ear Trimmer with vacuum is a smart buy because it includes a few different tools you can use. The most innovative is the tiny vacuum that makes cleaning up afterward easy. It comes with a small, removable, lighted mirror on one end of the tool. The rotary trimmer is battery operated and its head is interchangeable with a small trimming tool you can use on eyebrows or anywhere else you want to remove tiny hairs. The classy blue tool comes in its own carrying case with small scissors and tweezers.