Tile Shower Alternatives

There are many tile shower alternatives that can give your shower a unique design. Bathroom tile alternatives should be able to withstand different temperatures and be resistant to water damage. Glass, ceramic and stone tiles are a few tile shower alternatives that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

Mosaic Glass Tiles

Mosaic glass tiles are an ideal alternative for shower tiles because they are resistant to moisture and stains. They last a long time without fading or becoming discoloured. Mosaic glass tiles have beautiful colours and textures. You can use one solid colour or a combination of several colours to create an elegant look or work of art. Venetian glass mosaic tiles are a good choice if you want a glossy look. You can buy most glass mosaic tiles in 1 inch squares. These types of tiles are easy to keep clean and are as durable as ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are ideal to put on your shower walls. There are many new styles of ceramic tile with many options of different glazes, patterns, shapes and sizes. Ceramic tiles have flaws which add to their beauty. Ceramic tile is durable and is moisture resistant. Hot water and humidity won't fade ceramic tiles. Glazed and unglazed are two types of ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles come in more design options. Glazed tile is slippery when it is wet so unglazed tile is recommended for your shower floor. Ceramic tiles that are made by hand usually have to be installed by a professional.

Stone Tiles

There are different kinds of natural stone that make beautiful shower wall tiles. Some stone tiles are resistant to water. Stones can be cut into many different shapes and sizes. Each stone tile looks different because of their different natural colours. There are several types of stone. Quartzite is hard and durable. It's great for bathroom shower walls because it's resistant to stains and is resistant to water. Travertine tiles are attractive but they aren't as durable as some natural stones. Travertine tiles comes in many beautiful designs and styles. Cultured marble tile is durable and water resistant which makes them a good choice for showers.

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