Projects With Deck Boards

Deck boards are specifically for outdoor projects because they are long-lasting. Wooden deck boards are chemically treated to resist rot, insects, mould and mildew. Merchants also sell composite deck boards that are available in several colours. This type of board is weather-resistant, low-maintenance and durable. Deck boards are a good choice for any outdoor project, including planters, furniture, utility screens, storage bins and fences.


Deck boards make durable planters for flowers and shrubs. Planters can be square or rectangular, and their placement can include on a deck or patio, in the yard or on each side of the driveway. Incorporating a bench for seating with a planter gives you permanent spot to enjoy your flowers. Raised beds for flowers or vegetable gardening make a good outdoor project with deck boards. Planting in a raised bed allows addition of garden soil and nutrients without preparing the soil in a yard; it also saves water and makes pruning, fertilising and harvesting easier because you won't have to bend as much.


Several outdoor furniture projects include the use of deck boards. Full-size picnic tables can seat a crowd, and a smaller size can accommodate children at gatherings. Individual chairs and loungers are a nice addition to a porch, patio or back yard for sturdy extra seating. End tables are a quick board project to place between chairs for holding drinks and other items while enjoying the outdoors.

Utility Screens

Using deck boards and latticework can create a utility screen to surround central air and heat systems. Privacy screens made of deck boards and latticework also can be placed on one or more sides of a porch or patio for more privacy. The same type of screen can surround a hot-tub area.

Storage Bins

Deck boards are a good material to use for storage bins. Bins can be any size and can include doors and tops with hinges. This will allow easy access in two directions. The addition of shelves inside the bin is useful for storing smaller items, such as hand tools, within easy reach.


When fencing a small area for a dog or even the entire yard, deck boards are useful. The most common types of fencing using deck boards are post-and-rail, board-on-board, picket and solid wood.

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