Party ideas for an 80s theme

The 1980s was a memorable decade full of bright colours, fun fashion and a wide array of music. Throwing an 80s theme party is a wonderful idea to refresh the memories of all your friends who grew up in the 80s, or just to dress up in outlandish costumes.

There are a number of things you could include in your 80s theme party, and the planning and execution will be fun and memorable.

80s Dress Code

When sending out your invites, mention that guests must come dressed in 80s-themed clothing. Bright suits, fingerless lace gloves and brightly coloured legwarmers are all reminiscent of 80s fashion. To make the most of the 80s dress theme, have a contest where your guests vote for their favourite 80s outfit, and have an 80s-themed gift--such as a DVD copy of the movie "Top Gun"--for the winner.

80s Music

Make sure your CD player or MP3 playlist has plenty of 80s tunes by bands such as Wham!, Duran Duran, A Flock of Seagulls and Guns n Roses. Find as many 80s songs as you can so your guests will not have to listen to the same songs more than once or twice.

80s Quiz

Consider holding an 80s-themed quiz during your party. Prepare questions relating to 80s music, movies, politics, TV shows and video games. Have your guests form teams of four or more people, and give an 80s-themed prize to each member of the winning team, such as a retro 80s candy gift box.

80s Games

Get an old Atari gaming system and a selection of video games, and have your guests play each other. This is a great way for people to reminisce about the video games they played when they were a child, while having fun.

80s Lip Syncing

Challenge your guests to an 80s lip syncing contest. Have each guest lip sync to his favourite 80s song, then have everyone vote for their top pick. The winner of the lip syncing contest could win an 80s-themed gift, such as a compilation CD of 80s music.

Balloon Arch

Make or purchase an 80s-style balloon arch. These were very popular at high school dances throughout the 80s. Take a photo of each guest under the balloon arch as they arrive, and present it to them as a keepsake when they leave.