Humorous Retirement Gifts for Doctors

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Doctors are generally a busy, motivated, and well-respected group of professionals. Then they retire. While the loss of stature may prove difficult, a few amusing gifts might make the transition from medical authority to aged humility just that much easier.

Inflatable Walker

The doctor you want to give a gift to may have assisted patients with their mobility. Now you can assist the soon-to-be-retired physician with his own movement by giving him an inflatable "over the hill" walker. (See Reference 1.)

Syringe Pens

The retiring doctor may not be giving any more injections, but no one else has to know that. These syringe-like pens will help a retiring doctor maintain her professional image. (See Reference 2.)

Medical Ties

A doctor's mind is full of thoughts about disease and contagion, and now he can keep those morbid thoughts near his heart with any one of these disease-themed ties. (See Reference 3.)

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