Gift ideas for a six-year-old boy

Children have a wide variety of interests but there are a few things most 6-year-old boys particularly love. Kids at this age are generally active and enjoy being on the go. Most 6-year-olds are in the first grade and newly independent. Consider the specific interests of the child in your life and your gift is sure to be a hit.

MP3 player

Many 6-year-olds are beginning to develop their own tastes in music and enjoy listening to songs from the radio and their favourite movies, shows and video games. An MP3 player preloaded with some favourite tunes would be a very cool gift. Make sure it's durable enough to handle some roughhousing and cheap enough that it wouldn't be a tragedy if it got lost.

Cars, trucks and Hot Wheels

Most 6-year-old boys are crazy about vehicles of any kind. Hot Wheels and other small cars are a big hit with this age group. They are inexpensive, readily available and come with a plethora of accessories such as ramps, jumps and raceways. Boys also love remote-controlled vehicles at this age.

Sports equipment

Boys generally love sports and playing outside with balls, bats, mitts, skateboards and scooters. Getting something that encourages exercise and outdoor play is a fantastic way to foster healthy habits.


Although most boys will be a little bummed to open a box full of socks or other practical presents, a cool shirt with a funny saying or favourite character will become a well-loved addition to any kid's wardrobe. At this age, kids are attending school and generally just becoming fashion conscious and will look to impress their peers. A "cool" outfit will be worn with pride.


A walkie-talkie is a super-fun gift for boys. They enjoy the technology and playing with friends. Make sure to get durable, kid-marketed walkie-talkies and provide batteries so kids can play immediately.

Arts and crafts supplies

Many kids this age enjoy expressing themselves through art. Finger paints, an easel, paper, crayons and markers make great gifts. Put a gift basket together with all sorts of fun art supplies available at craft supply stores.

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