Ideas for centrepieces with fish bowls

Spike Mafford/Photodisc/Getty Images

Glass fish bowls provide a base for a variety of centrepiece ideas. Whether you're planning fish bowl centrepieces for a wedding, dinner party or everyday table decoration, the surroundings and theme for your centrepieces are important.

Most of the fish bowl centrepiece ideas require simple materials that are relatively inexpensive.


Fish are an obvious choice for fish bowl centrepieces. However, traditional fish aquarium gravel is boring and not overly attractive. Craft stores sell decorative glass marbles that make a pretty accent at the bottom of the fish bowl. A bow tied around the top edge of the fish bowl adds decoration to your living centrepiece. Because you are dealing with live fish, guests at the event should be considered mature enough to leave the fish alone. Children and even some adults may try to grab the fish or throw things in the bowls.


The clear glass of fish bowls means you can easily see the contents of the bowl. Filling the bowl with colourful sweets dresses them up for a delicious centrepiece. Sweets such as jelly beans, sour balls, sticks of rock, or old-fashioned lollipops work well. Sweets can be experimented with and arranged in different ways; for instance, you could fill the fish bowl with small sweets and arrange sticks of rock or lollipops so they stick out the top of the bowl. The sweet centrepieces also give the guests a snack during the event.

Sand scene

A beach-inspired event works well with a fish bowl centrepiece. Decorative sand can be purchased in white or several other colours from craft stores, along with sea shells and sea glass. A layer of sand in the bottom of the fish bowl creates the base for the sea scape, and sea shells and other beach-themed decorative items can be arranged throughout to complete the centrepiece.


Candles are a classic centrepiece option. Combining them with the fish bowl puts a twist on typical candle centrepieces. A filler such as decorative sand or pebbles in the bottom of the fish bowl gives the candles stability. Combining this centrepiece idea with the sea scape idea works well. Another option is to fill the fish tanks about half full with water and place floating candles in them. This is another option that should only be used around responsible guests. Also, the table should be sturdy so the candle centrepieces don't get tipped over.