What causes skin to peel between toes & finger?

Peeling skin on toes and fingers can be a real nuisance. It is unsightly and can also be accompanied by intense feelings of itchiness and increased sensitivity in your appendages. The good news is that peeling fingers and toes may not be something you simply have to live with.

If the peeling is the result of everyday activities or a common medical condition, you can treat this condition.

Environmental Variables

The peeling of your fingers and toes may be the result of external causes from the environment in which you live in. Environmental causes may include living in a cold, dry climate or overexposure to the sun, leading to a sunburn. You can avoid these causes of dry skin by staying well hydrated, using lotion on your hands and feet during the cold, dry months and protecting your hands and feet from sun exposure with suntan lotion.

Everyday Activities

Routine activities that you participate in may contribute to your peeling fingers. A common culprit causing dry hands is over washing. While it is important to have clean hands, washing them too often times will likely make them lose essential moisture, which can lead to peeling. Consider washing your hands with a moisturising soap or opting for a water-free hand sanitiser instead of washing with soap and water. Swimming or taking long, hot baths can also contribute to the dryness between your toes. To help alleviate dryness from these everyday activities, apply lotion to your body at least once a day.


An allergic reaction may be the cause of your peeling fingers and toes. If you walk around barefoot, you may be exposing your skin to allergens, leading to itchiness and peeling. If you find your toes peeling in spite of the fact that you are wearing socks or indoors all the time, you may also be allergic to a detergent, fabric softener or carpet deodoriser you are using. If you think that allergies are causing your fingers and toes to peel, eliminate any potential allergy-causing culprits from your home, and talk to your doctor or pharmacist about taking an antihistamine to help relieve your symptoms.


The warm, damp environment between your fingers and toes may be breeding a fungus that is causing your skin to peel. If you think this is the case, visit your doctor, and inquire about an appropriate anti-fungal cream. Additionally, make sure to keep the areas between your fingers and toes clean and dry. Using powder or cornstarch between your appendages may help decrease any wetness that is contributing to fungal growth.