Police Sergeant Duties

Police sergeant duties largely overlap those of lower rank police officers. In addition to basic police functions, however, sergeants also have additional management responsibilities. Sergeants are responsible for disciplinary measures and implementing new laws and policies.

They are more likely to interact with media or testify in court about police procedures. Police sergeants typically work for municipal police departments, and generally have several years of uniformed experience.

Law Enforcement

A police sergeant is expected to do all the types of law enforcement duties any lower rank officer could be called on to perform. This includes everything from directing traffic to executing an arrest. Sergeants should be in sufficient physical health and condition to drive police vehicles, subdue suspects and prisoners and use police weapons. Other law enforcement duties include securing crime scenes, interrogating suspects and administering first aid.


A police sergeant is also responsible for supervising subordinate officers. Supervision includes training, evaluation and guidance of personnel. When necessary, a police sergeant must also make investigations into police conduct and recommend either commendation or disciplinary action in formal reports. In these capacities, police sergeants can be called upon to give press reports or testify in court.


A police sergeant must also analyse crime data and the evidence gathered for individual investigations. Sergeants must write complete reports on a variety of topics, such as methods for improving operations, streamlining work processes and working jointly with other departments. Sergeants must also evaluate the reports of subordinate officers and investigators and other compiled statistics.


A police sergeant has a role in creating and implementing local law enforcement policy. Sergeants attend meetings with upper management who create policy, and play an important part in allocating resources to meet the policy goals chosen in those meetings. As the liaison between the lower ranking officers and police leadership, sergeants make decisions on deploying personnel and equipment.