Ideas for treasure hunt prizes

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A treasure hunt is a good group party activity because it requires multiple teams, usually with several members, to work together to accomplish a list of tasks. A treasure hunt is also very versatile and can be designed for small children (accompanied by adult chaperones of course) or for adults.

Anything can be on the treasure hunt list, from snagging a funny photograph to trying to locate a hard-to-find item. It is important that at the end of the treasure hunt, a prize or prizes are awarded to the winner. This will motivate players and help provide a bit of competition and urgency to the game.

Party favours

Small party favours, such as candy, books and small toys are appropriate treasure hunt prizes for small children. In addition, when planning a hunt for kids, the site recommends to not put too much focus on the prizes, but to concentrate more on the actual hunt. Also, be sure there is a prize for everyone that participates, which makes smaller, party favour prizes ideal.


Have each team of treasure hunters give a certain amount of money up front. At the end of the hunt, the team that wins gets to keep all of the money. You can also divide up the pot of money among the top two or three teams so that more people can share in the wealth.


If the treasure hunt is being sponsored or produced by an organisation or a business, then the prize or prizes can take the form of a service provided by the group organising the hunt. According to Quest Experiences, a party-planning website, one example is "a prom committee raising funds for their dance could give out free prom bids to the first five finishing teams. An example would be if you want to raise funds to hold an event, like a charity dinner or dance. Free tickets to the dance could be a prize for the treasure hunt.

Pirate paraphernalia

If your treasure hunt is specifically pirate themed, the final prizes can include pirate-related paraphenalia. Consider handing out novelty eye patches, electronic parrot toys, plastic swords and gold coins.