Top ten hair dye brands

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Finding the right hair dye brand can be confusing because there are so many brands to choose from. You want to be sure you make the right selection to avoid damaging your hair. Hair dyes use chemicals or natural ingredients to change the colour of hair.

Some dyes use more chemicals while others are more vegetable based. If you are looking for something gentle, choose a henna or vegetable-derived hair dye.

Clairol Perfect 10 Nice and Easy

Clairol is a well known drugstore brand hair dye. Perfect 10 Nice and Easy comes in many shades, from chestnut brown to platinum blond. Clairol does use chemicals, but this product is formulated to be gentle and effective. The colour generally lasts two to three months depending on the rate of new growth.

Manic Panic

Manic Panic offers a wide selection of hair colours. Some of the colours are even vivid. This hair dye is a natural vegetable-based dye so it is safe for people with chemical sensitives. This hair dye is easy to use and affordable. You can find Manic Panic online or in most drugstores.

Natural Expressions Henna Hair Dye

Natural Expressions Henna hair is a natural line of henna products. These products are made of ground henna leaves. There are several different hair colours to choose from, such as burgundy or auburn red. You can also choose from several shades of brown.

Revlon Color Silk

Revlon Color Silk has a huge assortment of various shades of blond, brown, auburn and black. Revlon products are gentle and effective; Color Silk is ammonia-free. Colour Silk Root Perfect is another type of Revlon hair dye that is easy to use. This is a "roll-on-and-go" type of hair dye. This colour is meant just for root touch ups.

Rainbow Henna

Rainbow Henna for brown hair is made by Rainbow Research company. This product is like other henna products because it only contains a few simple ingredients such as henna and water to dye hair. They also have several other natural products and shampoos.

Just For Men

Just for Men hair dye products are very popular, just like hair dye products for women. These products are meant to get rid of grey. They offer several shades of brown and a specific formula for grey hair called Touch of Gray. These products can be found in most drugstores.


Tresemme also has a line of popular hair dyes. They make several hair dyes in just about every colour. They have a wide selection of browns and blond shades. Tresemme products are not natural but they are salon quality and formulated to be gentle.

Surya Brasil

Surya Brasil offers a line of henna hair dye products. These products come in chocolate and basic brown. Surya products are lead and ammonia free. This is an effective way to keep your hair looking great and free of grey without all the fuss and chemicals. The products come in a cream or powder.

Eco Colors

Eco Colors is a line of natural hair dye products. These products are good at covering grey hair without being too harsh. This hair dye is nontoxic and infused with vitamins. Some of the colours are very vibrant.


L'OREAL is a popular hair dye that can be found at just about any drugstore or grocery store. L'OREAL has several different types of hair dyes for just about any colour you can think of. Colour Rays is a brand of L'OREAL products with lots of bold bright colours like purples, reds and golds. L'OREAL Chunking is for highlights, and is only for people with medium brown to blond hair. This is a chunky highlight kit rather than an all-over hair dye. Colour Experte is another line of L'OREAL products that offers all-over colours in various tones.