Gift ideas for an 80 plus year old woman

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Turning 80 is not just an event to celebrate, it is an accomplishment to be rewarded. Give her something that will do both -- celebrate and congratulate. Consider what interests, hobbies or needs she may have. Help her show her pride in turning 80 -- give her a T-shirt, badge or mug that says she's 80.

If she is an avid reader, give her a large print edition of her favourite reading material. If she is on a fixed income, a Boots or Superdrug gift token would be a practical gift. Another practical gift for your special 80-year-old is a "promise gift."

Printed 80th birthday gifts

The 80th birthday is a cause for celebration. Help her show her pride by giving her a novelty gift that proudly displays her age. There are many novelty gifts available -- a T-shirt, mug, badge, apron or diary, imprinted with her age, a graphic or witty saying. Give her a printed gift that will allow her to celebrate and remember all year long. Gather photos from her many years and have a calendar printed to commemorate the occasion. Include pictures and quotations from friends and family members that were significant in her life.

Gift tokens

Most 80-year-olds are on fixed incomes and are frequent customers of the chemist's. Help to ease the financial burden of everyday life by buying a Boots or Superdrug gift token. A gift token is a more discrete thought than buying actual products because your 80 year old friend might need medical supplies she would rather you don't know about.

Promise gifts

Do her a big favour. Consider her lifestyle and physical limitations. Give her a "promise gift" that will make life easier for her. If your 80-year-old is no longer driving, give her a promise certificate that vows you'll take her shopping twice a week for a month. Promise to provide transportation to church or the doctor's office for a set period of time. Cut her grass, trim the hedges or perform another service for her.

Large-print reading material

Large-print reading material is a welcomed gift for many senior citizens. There are major publications that are available in large print that can be delivered to her home. Large-print crossword puzzles and sudokus make entertaining gifts for the 80-year-old who likes to be intellectually engaged. Give her a large-print recipe book if she likes to cook or a personalised, large-print leather Bible.