Treasure hunt prize ideas

Treasure hunts are fun activities that entertain people of all ages. Throwing a party based on a treasure hunt is an almost foolproof way to guarantee the party's success. It's also a simple event to plan. The easiest part of the planning is deciding on a treasure. The most enjoyable part of a treasure hunt is generally the actual process of finding and deciphering the clues. Because of this, you can comfortably choose almost anything to be the final treasure as long as it fits with the overall theme of the treasure hunt.

Pirate's Booty

Pirates are what most people associate with treasure hunts, and everyone has a definite idea of what pirate's treasure is---gold coins! Most party supply stores carry chocolate wrapped to resemble gold coins. Fill a fake treasure chest with chocolate coins to create a simple but theme appropriate treasure. Another option for a pirate themed hunt would be costume jewellery (featuring fake diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, of course).

Simple Sweets

Candy, cookies or other sweet indulgences are great treasures for a spontaneous treasure hunt at home. Children love to discover a batch of fresh cookies or a treasure chest of gummy worms waiting for them at the end of an exciting afternoon of hunting.


A trophy and bragging rights can be the perfect final prize at the end of a long, competitive treasure hunt. This is an especially good choice for an annual, team-based event because the winning team can keep the trophy for a whole year and everyone will look forward to trying to win the trophy away from them the next year.

Gift Tokens

A gift token or redeemable coupon is a good treasure for a variety of themes. For a birthday themed treasure hunt, the birthday celebrant might find a redeemable coupon for a "chore-free" day. A girls' night out or bachelorette themed treasure hunt might end with the lucky winner receiving a spa certificate for a massage or facial.

Sensual Experiences

Potential prizes for a romantic treasure hunt range from a candlelit dinner at a five star restaurant to an overnight stay at a luxury hotel. The most important thing to focus on is pleasing the senses to enhance the romantic mood of the treasure hunt. Any item that involves one of the five senses (taste, touch, sound, smell, or sight) or provides an opportunity for one partner to treat the other partner in a thoughtful and tender way would be an appropriate treasure.

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