Types of Drawings Used in the Construction Industry

Any kind of construction involves pre-preparation. When creating as something as complicated as buildings, several kinds of drawings and visual materials are needed. Changes can be made to a project once construction begins, but most sections are designed and detailed long before work starts. Plans must meet customer specifications and satisfy requirements of state and local laws.

Construction Drawings

Construction drawings are also sometimes called working drawings. Construction drawings are used by everyone involved in the project, and can cover everything from paint colour to where to place the electric outlets to demolition. Construction drawings are the umbrella that covers more specific types of working drawings, such as architectural or engineering drawings. They used to be drawn primarily by hand but are now produced with the assistance of computer-aided design software.

Demolition Drawings

Demolition drawings are needed when something inhabits the space which is to be built upon. These drawings may precede the removal of old houses or buildings, walls, doors or framework. Such drawings would also be used for fixtures and other items which are removed temporarily and then replaced.

Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings usually cover all aspects of building a project, from the interior floor plan to ceiling plan. Demolition drawings are considered part of architectural drawings. Architectural drawings can span many pages, with separate sections for walls, interior or exterior, and anything else that needs specifications. Pages are usually added as the project progresses.

Engineering Drawings

Engineering drawings cover the more functional aspects of construction projects--electrical, plumbing and mechanical. Engineering drawings must conform with all local code regulations, and are usually completed by special consultants. Engineering drawings must also contain the professional stamp or seal of the consultant. The drawings are very detailed; all electrical circuits, wiring for special devices, heating and cooling systems, ducts, water lines and drainage pipes, dimensions and sizes must be individually marked.

Millwork Drawings

Millwork drawings cover any components built for the interior finishing. Millwork drawings are considered part of the overall working drawings. Millwork drawings for a home may include things such as custom cabinets and wall panelling, while millwork drawing for a business could include a reception desk or custom bar.

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