Things to send in a military care package


Getting news from home, packaged with treats and treasures can really make a soldier's day. But, sadly there are many deployed soldiers who do not receive mail.

Online there are many organisations, such as Any Soldier, where you can get contact information and addresses to send care packages anonymously to these troops in need (see Resources). Some of the most appreciated items include snacks, personal hygiene items, newspapers and magazines.

  • Getting news from home, packaged with treats and treasures can really make a soldier's day.


Many of the toiletries Americans are accustomed to are not readily available in other countries. These things are sorely missed and very much appreciated by the soldiers receiving them in a care package: deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, baby powder, bath or hand towel, eye drops, nail clippers/file, mouthwash, chap stick, hand sanitiser, aftershave, shaving cream, foot powder, lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, shaving powder, wipes, shoe laces, vitamins, comb, hairbrush, T-shirt, sun block and bug repellent.

For Fun

Include a couple just-for-fun items in your soldier's care package. Some ideas are: poker cards, other card games, dominoes, hacky sack, dice, DVD movies, music CDs, magazines, newspapers, books, plastic putty, foldable flying discs, small balls, bubbles, puzzles, foam planes and balls, batteries, small electronic games, postcards, earphones, hats, bandannas, disposable cameras, stress balls, small fans, small/soft blankets, water pistols and "Slinky-type" toys.

Snacks and Foods

Getting a little taste of home can make being so far from loved ones a little easier. Consider energy bars, granola bars, trail mix, snack mixes, puffed rice marshmallow treats, gum, mints, individually packaged cookies, snack cakes, sunflower seeds, jerky, jelly beans, chips in small canisters, canned foods, spices, liquorice, microwave popcorn, mac and cheese, hot chocolate, granola bars, sports drinks or powdered mixes, coffee, jaw breakers, hard tack candy, nuts, energy shots, hot sauce, microwaveable foods, crackers, small boxes of dry cereal, tuna and tinned soup.


Military barracks aren't equipped with all the comforts of home, so consider some of these creature comforts: small blankets, inflatable pillow, long distance card, hand warmers, inflatable seat cushions, ink pens, paper, stationery, massager, books, and plastic zip-top bags.