Dressing up for Halloween is a fun way to express yourself and your innermost desires. If you've always been the funny person in your group, you're sure to want a funny costume. Here we put together a few ideas to inspire a great costume that'll be the envy of any Halloween party.


Hole In Body

A hole in the gut
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If you've got the money and a desire to really impress your friends this Halloween, invest in this impressive, high-tech costume idea. By putting a small digital video camera on your back and shooting behind you, and then linking the video to a portable DVD player strapped to your stomach, you can create the illusion of a wide hole going straight through your stomach. You could also use an ipad if you have one.


Cheech & Chong

Cheech & Chong
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While there are prepackaged costumes enabling you to mimic this dynamic comedy duo, it's far easier to head to the thrift store and pick up some tan Dickies, red suspenders, a white undershirt and a beanie for Cheech and a bandanna and denim vest or blue work shirt for Chong. With these inexpensive outfits, you'll have plenty of money left over to get two wigs and a fake moustache.


Mr. Invisible

Tall and see-through
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This massive costume enables you to perform a magic trick and disappear. The classy tuxedo costume comes with a top hat and an invisible collar, leaving you to look extremely tall and very invisible. If you're already on the tall side, you'd be well-advised to watch your head whenever you enter doorways.


Big Baby

Big whining baby
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Do your friends ever tell you that you're acting like a total baby? Now's your opportunity to prove them right with this outrageous costume making you look like a baby in a high chair. The illusion is fun to look at and the message is bound to get some laughs.



Sexy and scandalous
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If you aren't afraid of showing off what God gave you, consider buying a mankini and adding a tacky moustache. This Borat costume is sure to get you a lot of laughs, but it also takes a lot of guts to pull this one off. Consider taping things down so you don't risk letting anything slip out.


The Birds

Pecking order
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This is another costume that can be purchased or made at home. To recreate the horror movie's effect, visit the thrift store and purchase a 1960s-styled suit or dress. Then visit a craft shop or a Halloween store and purchase some crow Halloween decorations. Place these on wires and attach them to your suit. For a gory effect, add some fake blood where the birds have attacked you.

  • This is another costume that can be purchased or made at home.
  • To recreate the horror movie's effect, visit the thrift store and purchase a 1960s-styled suit or dress.

Barbie or Ken Doll

Barbie in the box
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To create a one-of-a-kind costume for minimal cost, find a large cardboard box, cut out a front window and decorate it to look like a Barbie box. Put on some sharp duds and then wire yourself into the box. For extra effect, consider wiring in a comb and mirror to the back of the box.


Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve
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While you aren't really showing off skin in these outfits, it still takes a bit of bravery to look like you're wearing next to nothing. Simply find a flesh-coloured bodysuit, hot glue some fake fig leaves over your private parts and, voila, your costume is ready to go. Don't forget to bring an apple or a plush snake around with you to remind people of your willingness to give in to temptation.