Interesting facts on labrador retrievers

Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images

Labrador retrievers are popular dogs and are known to be very intelligent. They were first bred for retrieving birds for their owners. Like any dog, Labrador retrievers have certain characteristics that will determine if they're a suitable dog for your situation.

There are interesting facts on Labrador retrievers that can give you an idea of whether or not this type of dog is what you've been looking for.

Socialising Facts

Labrador retrievers are known to be very social and friendly. When your family has outings, Labradors can be brought along due to the fact that they're good around people. However, to ensure that this side of your dog is brought out, allow your Labrador retriever to be around all types of people when it is still a puppy. Avoid keeping a Labrador retriever puppy isolated. Doing so will lead to your dog being shy which will make it hesitant about meeting people that its never met before.

Play Facts

If it's one thing that a Labrador retriever likes to do, it's play. The puppy behaviour of Labradors will stay with them until they're 3 years old. Unlike some dogs, Labrador retrievers don't get tired of playing quickly and will play with you the moment you give them an indication that it's play time. They have been known to play fetch with their owners for hours at a time. Fetch is a Labrador retriever's speciality as it will fetch anything from your slippers to the morning newspaper. It will even jump into water to fetch an item for its owner and is not bothered at all by water as it loves to swim as well.

Hair Facts

A Labrador retriever's coat can come in several colours. It can be black, a yellow to light cream colour or a light to dark shade of brown. A Labrador retriever's hair is not long compared to many other dog breeds. However, this doesn't prevent it from shedding all over your home if you're not careful. Avoid this by brushing your Labrador about once every six or seven days.

Eating Facts

Labrador retrievers are dogs that have hefty appetites. They will rarely turn down any type of food that you put in front of them. Avoid feeding your dog too much without allowing it an opportunity to exercise. Doing so could lead to your Labrador retriever gaining more weight than it should. Also, be careful of what your Labrador is putting in its mouth. Remember that their love for fetching could easily lead them to put their mouth on something that's dangerous to their health.