How Can I Make My Drones Shoot in "DarkOrbit"?

Drones in "DarkOrbit" are small, automated craft that escort your starship. You can buy Flax drones with credits or Iris drones with uridium. You must equip the drones with lasers to augment your offensive capabilities.

In some cases, graphical limitations may make it difficult for you to see the drones' lasers shooting.

Drone Types

The only differences between Flax and Iris drones are the purchase costs and equipment slot numbers. Flax drones have only one equipment slot. The first Flax drone you purchase costs 100000 credits, and the price doubles with each subsequent drone you buy. It costs a total of 25500000 credits to buy eight Flax drones. Iris drones have two equipment slots. The first Iris drone you purchase costs 15000 uridium, and the price doubles with each subsequent drone you buy. It costs a total of 647000 uridium to purchase eight Iris drones.

Equipping Drones

Drones do not do anything beyond following your ship without something equipped. You can equip lasers, shields and miscellaneous equipment to each drone. Only drones equipped with lasers can fire at hostile vessels. Equip drones through the equipment section of the hangar menu. This is the same section you use to equip your own ship. You can add lasers to drones that have empty equipment slots.

Getting Drones to Fire

Drones do not automatically open fire when in proximity to a hostile vessel. Despite technically being separate vessels, drones essentially serve to add additional equipment slots to your starship. Target an enemy vessel you want to fire at. Order your starship to fire at that vessel. The drones open fire along with your normal weapons. Drones only fire at your current target when your starship's weapons are also firing.

Drone Damage

The amount of damage drones do is based on the weapon and level of the drone. The type of laser equipped has the largest impact on the amount of damage done. The LF-1 laser does about 40 damage. The MP-1 laser does about 60 damage. The LF-2 laser does about 100 damage. The LF-3 laser does about 150 damage. The drone gains experience over time and eventually levels up. The appearance of the drone changes when it levels up. Higher-level drones get a slightly damage increase, but this is not as significant as the laser selection.