Alternatives to a Cricut Marker

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Cricut markers are cartridges that you can fit into your Cricut machine in place of the cutting blade. As a result, your image will end up being drawn on the paper as opposed to cut out. There are alternative options that can be used in the same way that are less expensive than Cricut markers and are available in many more colours.

Crayola Markers

Crayola markers work well as an alternative to the Cricut markers and they are far less expensive. Pip-Squeaks work very well because they are shorter than most markers and allow for the lid of the Cricut to be closed. If you use regular-sized markers, it may be necessary to keep the lid open.

Gel pens

Gel pens work well in the Cricut machine and come in a variety of colours and styles including glitter, neon and metallic. If the pen is too thin to be held properly in the blade house, place a pen or pencil grip over it and attach it that way. You can purchase grips made of soft foam or gel at most stationery stores.


Sharpie pens work well and, as with the Crayola, mini Sharpies are the ideal height to fit into the Cricut. Sharpie also makes a water-based paint marker that is appropriate for use in scrapbooks and cards. The paint marker will create a unique dimensional effect for your picture.

Things to Keep in Mind

If using the images for scrapbooking or cardmaking purposes, be sure that the markers you use are acid and lignin free. This will prevent the disintegration and discolouration of the pictures. If you plan to create a design using more than one colour, be sure to let the first colour dry completely before running it through the machine again.

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