"My Riding Stables" Cheats

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EIDOS, the same team that brought the "Tomb Raider" series to life, is responsible for "My Riding Stables: Living With Horses," a simulation game for equestrian enthusiasts. Available for the Nintendo DS and PC, this game allows you to experience having your own virtual stable, which is great if you've always wanted your own horse but couldn't afford it.

A Really Stable Game

"My Riding Stables" is not just about riding or grooming horses. In this game, you can customise your rider and your horse and build your own estate from the ground up. One of your primary tasks is to get your horses in shape and train them so that they can be good enough to win races. You can also give riding lessons to students.

Picky Guests Hints

In "My Riding Stables," you can host guests at your estate. You can increase the number of guests you have by upgrading the guest house and making sure that you have enough saddles for all of your horses. It also helps if you read the "Guest Care" book, so that your guests will leave you tips after their stay. To make sure that your guests ride their horses, ensure that the trust level of your horses is up. One way to increase a horse's trust level is to keep your stables clean.

Gallop and Ride for the Wii

If you are interested in playing "My Riding Stables" on the Wii, it's available under the title "Gallop and Ride." If you run into difficulty playing on the Wii, here are a few cheats to get you through those rough patches. To earn easy money, you can ride your horse in the field, or you can do chores such as training your foals. You can also try massaging client horses. If you are having difficulties training your foals, you have to "snap" your Wii remote like a cowboy whip.


If you enjoyed this game and it leaves you wishing for more fun, the happiness does not have to end. "My Riding Stables 2: Life with Horses" features unlimited game play, and you can start your farm and stables and breed your baby horses Available for your Windows PC, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the game while you ride your virtual horse.

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