What to Put in a Men's Wedding Toiletry Basket

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When you have out-of-town guests arriving for an upcoming event, such as a wedding, many of them will have hotel accommodations. A common nice touch is to place something in their rooms to greet them when they arrive, like a welcome basket. Baskets usually include items such as toiletries, snacks and trinkets personalised for your guests. For guys attending your wedding, there are so many items that could be included in that basket to make it a pleasing gift specifically with them in mind.

Sweet Specialty Basket

For your guy with a sweet tooth, build a basket that contains various sweets such as candy bars, cookies, fudge, brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels and the like. Add raspberry and chocolate truffles, white chocolate pretzels and almond bars. A variety of nuts such as cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts and pecans all with a mixture of fruit such as raisins, grapes and strawberries are ideal to complete this sugary basket.

Not-So-Sweet Basket

Perhaps your guy does not like any of the sweet tooth delicacies or has been hitting the gym to watch his weight. Provide a variety of low-calorie, low-carbohydrate products for him to nibble on. Many items, such as cheddar cheese cubes, wheat crackers, sausage rolls, mixed nuts, cheese sticks, sugar-free products such as candies, cookies and an assortment of sugar-free chocolates are ideal. Along with this basket, you might want to put in a bottle of water and a complementary pass to the gym.

Beer and Wine Lover's Basket

If your special guest is a beer drinker or loves a taste of wine now and then, fill his basket with samples of different beers and wines that are international and domestic. The recipient gets a chance to taste a variety of flavours from different countries while also enjoying the domestic brands as well. Add a couple of wine glasses, a corkscrew or a beer holder as practical accessories. Finish this basket with other items such as cheese, sausage, crackers and fruit.

Just for Him Basket

Focus your welcome basket on all the manly toiletries he'll need to make it through the weekend. Include sample-sized bottles of cologne, deodorant, soap, shaving cream, lotion and aftershave fragrance. Add two decorative and colourful handkerchiefs as an added touch. A leather pouch or travel case is an accessory your guest could use to place his toiletries into. Speciality and unique items such as shaving gels, rejuvenating creams, skin conditioners and anti-wrinkle items can be useful items to include. Add snacks and beverages to this basket for a complete home-away-from-home welcome kit.

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