The advantages of filing a police report for a threat

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People often file a police report when they are being threatened with violence or physical harm to themselves, their property, their business, family, friends and pets. Members of the general public can also report a threat against a third party or the public well-being to the police in order to keep community peace.

Threats can be made verbally, in writing, by the presence of a weapon or by physical intimidation. A number of advantages exist to filing a police report when a threat occurs rather than waiting until you have become a victim of violence.

Dissipation of the Threat

Filing a police report may help alleviate the threat's potential. If warranted, the police may speak with or arrest the person or persons making the threat, depending on the severity and nature of it, and in doing so, discourage or put a stop to the behaviour. In addition, the police may be able to give the victim of the threat ideas on how to avoid future threats and confrontations with the same people.

Record of the Threat

If the person making the threat follows through with it in the future, there will already be a record of the intent and the threat on file with the police. This may help speed up the investigative and legal process by giving the police somewhere to start their investigation should the victim be unable to participate in the process due to injury or death. It may also assist in providing possible motives, time lines and witnesses for use in prosecuting the offender.

Maintaining Public Safety

Suspected threats against public safety should be taken seriously and reported to police. This may include bomb threats, terrorist attacks or any other type of threat involving the public. The police can then determine if the threat is serious or not, and prevent any sort of action being taken that will harm the public. Reporting threats against public safety can save lives and prevent destruction of public property and infrastructure.

Recovery of Property Damage Costs

Filing a police report for a threat may assist in recovering costs associated with damage to your property. Authorities may be able to use the report as evidence in civil lawsuits against the person who made the threat and inflicted the damage to the property. The police report may also be included in the information that the insurance company uses when you make a claim for property damage.