Weed Killers That Are Not Harmful to Animals

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Weeds are a relentless lawn and garden nuisance. There are many effective weed killers, but they generally contain harmful chemicals not safe to use around animals or even other plants. Fortunately, safe weed killers do exist and many are found within your home.

Check the Label

Some weed killer products indicate on the label if they're safe to use around children or animals. If they're not safe to use around children, don't use them around animals. Look for organic weed killer products, as they're made with natural products that are safe to use around animals.

Cleaning Products

Certain household cleaners make excellent weed killers that are safe for use around animals. Mix a spray bottle with 50 per cent bleach and 50 per cent water and spray the mixture on the weeds. Be careful not to get the mixture on your grass or garden plants, as it will kill them, too. Fifty per cent dish soap mixed with 50 per cent water in a spray bottle is another effective and safe weed killer.

Cooking Products

Various products found in your kitchen cabinets are safe and effective weed killers. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and apply it to the weeds. You may need to apply it several times to kill the weeds, depending on their size and abundance. Sprinkle salt in the soil around the base of the weeds. This method is especially effective around driveways and walkways. Although it doesn't affect pre-existing plants, corn meal is effective at killing plants before their seeds even germinate.

Safest Weed Killer

Although time-consuming, the safest way to kill weeds on your property is to remove them the old-fashioned way -- by hand. A pair of gloves and a trash bag is all you need to remove weeds completely, without harming animals.