Doubting Thomas Sunday School Crafts

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The Bible story about Doubting Thomas teaches an important lesson. It teaches followers to have faith in Christ, even though they may not see or feel his presence. To teach this lesson to Sunday schoolchildren, reinforce the Bible story with fun crafts that prompt students to reflect on the meaning.


In the story of Doubting Thomas, the disciple requires physical proof of Jesus' resurrection. He says, "Unless I can touch the marks of the nails in his hands and the wound in his side, I cannot believe." For a Scripture-inspired craft, make a nail necklace to remind students to have faith and believe, even during times of doubt. Draw a large nail on a piece of brown or silver felt. Cut it out. Punch a hole at the top of the felt nail and thread a piece of yarn through the hole to make a necklace.

Dirt Dessert

Teach students that physical proof is not always absolute. Make an edible craft that demonstrates this important lesson. Crush up chocolate cookies into powder and crumbs. Pour crumbs into bowls, one for each student. Add gummy worms or candy insects to create what looks like dirt and worms and grubs. Tell students that the contents inside their bowl might look gross and disgusting, but they are in fact sweet and delicious.


Christ acknowledges Thomas for coming to faith, but he says, "Blessed are those that do not see, but still believe." This is the pivotal message of the Bible story. Create a banner with these words to display in the classroom, hallway or church. Use fabric paint or permanent markers to write the Bible verse on a large piece of canvas. Decorate with glitter, puff paint, ribbons and other fun craft pieces. Alternatively, have each student create her own small banner to display or take home.


Reinforce the Sunday school lesson about Doubting Thomas by making an illustration sequence narrating the story. Assign each student a different part of the sequence. For instance, ask students to depict the following scenes: Christ appearing to the disciples, the disciples telling Thomas that Christ is among them, Thomas feeling the nails in Christ's hands, Thomas putting his hand in Christ's side and Christ humbling Thomas for his lack of faith. Then arrange the pictures in order to review the story again.

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