White peacock symbolism

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People are used to seeing peacocks display coats and tails of splendid colours, but a white peacock is an usual find. Some of the meanings that different societies attach to the multicoloured birds include nobility, guidance, beauty and fidelity. The same attributes are also paid to white peacocks, but humans also pin other forms of symbolism on them because of their white hue.

The Order of the White Peacock

According to the My Power Animals website, the Order of the White Peacock is an ancient order of shamans that are descended from the planet Venus. Both the white peacock and a highly revered shaman named Lord Sananda are considered to be the symbols of this order. The birds are regarded as protectors since they guard the order's temple on Venus and cry out to warn when someone is approaching.

Jesus Christ

Christian artwork, like paintings and mosaics, have used white peacocks to represent Jesus Christ. This is because the peacock is considered a symbol for death, resurrection and eternal life, which are concepts that are directly affiliated with Christ. The bird is also affiliated with such Christlike attributes as royalty, glory and incorruptibility. Its white colour represents his holy spirit.

Christ Consciousness

The term "Christ consciousness" refers to enlightenment, which means that a person is aware of the thoughts and fears that are projected by his ego, but doesn't accept them as his true state of being. Not only does the white peacock represent Jesus Christ, its colour stands for awakening, spirituality and light, along with the purity of a person's intentions and his faith in God.

"Song of Solomon"

A white peacock that appears in Toni Morrison's novel "Song of Solomon" carries several meanings for the characters Guitar and Milkman. The bird represents luxury, as it's discovered when they uncover a stash of gold. But it also shows the trappings of greed, vanity and pride, as Guitar comments that the peacock "has too much tail. All that jewellery weighs it down." The flightless bird also symbolises how Milkman's soul struggles under the weight of his problems.

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