Techniques for Hemming Chiffon

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Chiffon is a lightweight, sheer fabric mainly used in evening wear. Chiffon tends to fray easily and it is necessary to finish all the seams and hems of a garment made from this fabric. Chiffon can be a difficult material to sew.

It has a rough feel and a slight stretch, it slips when sewing on a machine and can snag on almost anything. There are different ways you can finish a dress made of chiffon. The ideal method is using a rolled hem. Although doing a rolled hem by machine is faster, one that is hand sewn will give your garment a more elegant look.

Machine Stitching

Machine-stitched rolled hems are created on a standard sewing machine with a special hemmer foot attachment. Accurate measuring and marking is necessary. Given the see-through nature of this fabric, you should keep all seams and hems very narrow.

Hand Stitching

A hand-stitched rolled hem adds an air of elegance to chiffon garments. Accurate measuring and marking is necessary to create this very small hem. Do not use pins when folding up the hem for sewing, and use an iron or finger press the hem. Use thread that matches your fabric as closely as possible, and your sewing needle should be small and very sharp. This will help keep your stitches virtually invisible.


A serger creates a finished seam or hem and cuts off the excess fabric in the process. Measure and mark your new hemline, then serge on the new hemline using a short stitch. If you are making a more casual outfit, you could just leave the hem with the serged edge showing. For a more finished hem, turn the serged edge to the inside of the garment and either machine or hand stitch it down.

Liquid Fray Stopper

If you are not confident in your sewing abilities or want to take the easy way out, using a liquid to stop your hem from fraying may be for you. Simply measure and mark the new hemline of your garment. Apply the liquid just above this line; it will dry clear. Once the liquid is dry, cut off the extra fabric along the line to complete the new finished hem.