Red Leafed Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants add beauty and visual interest to virtually any design style. If you are tired of the commonplace greenery of most indoor plants, include plants that display red foliage as part of your indoor decor. Red-leafed indoor plants are unexpected and may cause a bigger impact when included in your home.

Caladium Bicolor

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Caladium plants are native to tropical America and are prized for their large, arrow-shaped, bi-coloured leaves. Edged in green, the inner portion of the caladium leaves can be a deep red to a light pink in colour. Caladium needs to be grown in partial sun to full shade and have regular to ample water. Caladium also needs high humidity. Placing them near a kitchen or bathroom can supply them with the moisture they need.

Ti Plant

Native to Hawaii, Cordyline fruticosa, or ti plant, is widely grown and sold as indoor plants throughout the world. Ti plants are woody and have thin, spear-shaped leaves that can be green, red, orange, or purple. Red-leafed varieties of ti plants include Kalama, Kauai Rosebud and Maui Beauty. The red tone is intensified from sunlight, so place your ti plant in a brightly-lit area to maximise its red colour.


There are close to 3,000 species of bromeliads, the best-known being the pineapple. Bromeliads are commonly grown as houseplants for their distinct appearance and long lasting rosettes. Bromeliads can be identified by their hard, brightly coloured leaves and waxen appearance. Often mistaken for flowers, the inner leaves of the bromeliad grow in a distinct formation and often differ in colour from the outer leaves. Many varieties of bromeliads feature red inner leaves, which vary in shape and height.


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Coleus plants are grown as houseplants for their large, brightly coloured foilage. The leaves of the coleus plant can be many colours including red, salmon, orange and pink. Leaves can bear multiple colours at one time or be variegated from one colour to another. The deeper red the leaves of your coleus is, the more sun tolerant the plant is. Most coleus plants need regular watering and partial sun to thin shade. Red-leafed species of coleus include Big Red Judy, Frilly Milly and Royal Glissade.

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