Edible horse cake decorations

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Create or purchase edible horse cake decorations for a pony-themed birthday party; a party at a stable, horse race or corral; or for your favourite cowboy. There are numerous options for creating such decorations, including those for the chocolate lover and those that enjoy baking and icing biscuits.

Let the person who the cake is for keep the toppers or decorations for later enjoyment, if possible.


Create edible horse cake decorations out of marshmallow fondant. Form entire horses or make horse heads, hooves or shoes to place atop assorted cakes. Sculpt coloured fondant or try painting on colours with icing. Use shades of brown or mimic real horse colours, such as white and reddish-orange for creating fondant pinto horses. A plus to working with fondant is that it keeps for up to 2 years if stored properly.


Another edible horse cake decor option is edible sheets featuring horse images. Use sheets that fit the size of the cake you are decorating. Remember to peel off the plastic backing from the sheet before placing it on an iced cake. Sheet options can include images of horses running through fields, outline images of racing horses, images of multiple horses in a field, My Little Pony images, horses running on a beach and rocking horse images.


Iced horse-shaped biscuits are another option for edible horse cake decorations. Bake sugar cookies in horse shapes using biscuit cutters or your own design and decorate them as desired. For example, if creating a rocking horse biscuit shape, try using bright icing colours, such as pink or purple. Set one biscuit atop a small, round cake or make a horse race or parade across a sheet cake or around tiered cakes. biscuits shaped like horse heads or horseshoes are also options.


A final option for edible horse cake decorations is to use moulds for creating horse-shaped chocolates. Moulds come in a variety of shapes, including horse shoes, carousel horses, horse heads and even pony-head sucker moulds for creating chocolate lollipops to place on cakes. Full horse bodies in bucking, galloping and jumping positions are also options. Use a variety of moulds to create numerous horse designs to arrange on chocolate cakes or create one big horse head mould for vanilla or strawberry cakes.